The artist

France courpotin


France Courpotin's pictorial work combines graphic design and colours in a highly personal way.

She is a natural colorist and in order to explore all textures, she uses many materials such as ink, acrylic, oil, aerosol, pigment, resin...

As a self-taught woman and a lover of freedom, France would like to share the joy she gets from her work with people who will appreciate it.

France Courpotin

The Work

Nature and science are for me an endless source of inspiration. Biomimicry or the way we can draw our inspiration from nature to solve human problems remains my favorite subject. I want to express the close relationship between human beings and nature in all its beauty, inventiveness, creativity but also all its secrecy, imperceptibility and mystery.

As I am also passionated by Japan, its culture of aesthetics and haute couture, my paintings reflect it trough kimonos, abstract landscapes using Indian ink and Japanese graphics design.

Mankind's role in the universe, the link between the infinitely large and the infinitely small, the ultra connection of our world and its beauty in detail for he who should know how to observe all of this, are many subjects which fascinate me and make me paint.