My exhibitions


Welcome in my website. You will find here some of my paintings which I hope will make you want to find out more about my work.

If you can come to one of my exhibitions, I would take great pleasure in showing you my recent work.

-Private exhibition at High Timber in London in November 2014.

-Exhibition at the Art gallery in Mayfair in April 2015.

-Exhibition in Lausanne "espace 3t" from November to January 2016.

-Private exhibition in Lausanne from August to December 2016.

-Exhibition at the ArtMoorHouse in London from November to January 2019.

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France Courpotin is a native Provencal girl.

Passionate about painting, she has exhibited in several large European cities.

-London in 2013 and 2019 

-Lausanne in 2015 and 2016

Her work highlights the originality of her style.

Influenced by the natural light of Aix en Provence, her generous, sparkling and colourful palette shows her infinite diversity.